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Immortally Yours

Immortally Yours - Angie Fox Quirky and offbeat Immortally Yours was a fun read (and I needed that right now). The cast of characters is dysfunctional at best and there is wackiness going on all through the book; sometimes silly but then I was expecting that so it didn’t lessen my reading enjoyment. OK, I know you are thinking it, and yes Immortally Yours has some shades of the classic M*A*S*H television sitcom, but the paranormal element/mythological element of it changed it “just” enough that I wasn’t always comparing it to the tv show. Initially I did, but after the story took off I forgot about it and was drawn into the cast and plot. The hero, Galen was my favorite character; mainly based on how calmly he dealt with the heroine Petra. I liked his faith and confidence without him being too overbearingly alpha. Petra, I had a bit more trouble with. I despise whiny heroines and she comes “this” close to being one. However, Galen’s calm acceptance perhaps toned my reaction a bit. Overall, I liked the suspenseful buildup, but the ending felt a bit to rushed for my taste. If you like Katie McAlister, or MaryJanice Davidson then this may be a series for you to check out.