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Hold Me If You Can

Hold Me If You Can - Stephanie Rowe Natalie Fleming is a Sweet, a supernatural whose blood is irresistible to the Deedub race. In Touch if You Dare, Natalie was killed by a Deedub, but escaped that fate when her sister put her soul in another body. She was pretty lucky, or was she?

Nigel Aquarian is a warrior with an artistic bend. He was a warrior held captive in the Den of Womanly Pursuits, which was a hellhole where he and his warrior friends were tortured for 150 years. Some of the torture devices are just plain crazy and I’m truly amazed at Ms. Rowe’s creativity (or insanity) in thinking them up. Each warrior does something to help curb is warrior instincts. Nigel’s is drawing the emotions of his subjects and from the moment he saw Natalie he has been attracted to her.

Natalie is a chocolatier in pursuit of the distinguished Michelin-O award while trying to avoid another killer Deedub. Nigel has sworn to protect her and the antics begin. Add a psycho dream genie, another Sweet and a hedonistic researcher with a mysterious past and you have an enjoyable hot mess of a story.

Natalie and Nigel were both likeable characters for me, not lovable though. Natalie was a bit whiny and indecisive for me. Here she was given this great second chance to change and make something of her life and she falls into the same patterns that she did the first time around (while complaining about everything). Nigel was more open to change and I liked him better than Natalie. However, both of them were just stuck in their past and the book’s pacing staled in the middle while getting the hero and heroine together.

Hold Me If You Can is the third book in the Soulfire series. For those that have read the other books, well, you know what you are going to read. For those that have not read any them, well, hold on, because its going to be a non-stop ride.

The otherworld created in the Soulfire series is like nothing you have read before. The craziness of virility balls and dominatrix mistresses' reforming warriors with flower arranging and knitting is not for everyone. At times, it’s a bit cheesy and had me shaking my head. But if you are looking for a read that is not a dark, heavy paranormal then Hold Me If You Can may be a read you would enjoy. Similar type series include Aisling Grey: Guardian Series and Silver Dragons by Katie MacAlister and MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead and Alaskan Royal Family series.

My rating for Hold Me If You Can is 3 flowers with a sensuality rating of 2 1/2 flames