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Luck of the Devil (Speak of the Devil)

Luck of the Devil - Patricia Eimer . . . .being evil has never been as much fun.

First Impressions – The book summary attracted me right of the bat. I am a sucker for quirky, offbeat comedies and the storyline, although not unique, it appeared fun and perfect for a summer read. I did not see the cover until after I had received the book, and although I wouldn’t say it is outstanding it does fit the book.

While Reading – The book starts out by thrusting the reader right into the storyline. It was a bit of a jolt and it took me a while to sort out all the characters, who they were, and what they meant to the story. But once I got through that, I was able to relax, kick back and just enjoy the ride.

Luck of the Devil is hilarious and keeps up a steady pace throughout the book. There are a couple of moments that were a bit slow (i.e. Faith’s encounter with Matt in the stairwell, the heart to heart with her father are two that come to mind), but those are not enough to steal the limelight from the main storyline.

The characters are all offbeat and most everyone will relate to having at least one of these oddballs in their family tree. Due to the shorter length of the book, the characters are not deeply developed, but given the nature of the book (i.e. comedy), it works not having deep, intense and complicated characters. My favorite character is Matt. His calm, deliberate and thoughtful personality is the perfect balance for the spontaneous, argumentative, wild and wacky Morningstar/Bettincourt family. I also like how he stands up to Satan for what he wants, that being Faith.

Verdict – Luck of the Devil is highly addictive and recommended for those that enjoy paranormal with comedy. There is an element of romance thrown in, but the main focus of the story was the interaction and strength of the Morningstar/Bettincourt family and how they rally together when times get tough.