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A Gentleman Never Tells

A Gentleman Never Tells - Amelia Grey A Gentleman Never Tells is a delightful, witty, and enjoyable read.

Brent is prince charming cleverly disguised as the boy next door. He is loyal to his family, kind to animals, smart, funny, and just one of those really nice guys. He has decided it is time to marry and has come to London to find a bride. One morning he is walking his deceased mother’s prized pet Prissy when he encounters an enchanting young women who mysteriously materializes in the park and kisses him.

Gabrielle has been an obedient daughter for as long as she can remember. However, when she discovers her younger sister in her fiancée's arms, she is shaken to her core and finds herself walking her faithful mastiff in the park when she encounters Brent. A rebellious moment later she finds herself in his arms experiencing the most wondrous kiss of her life.

Gabrielle and Brent’s tryst is discover by her father and her fiancé's father and this eventful encounter changes their lives forever. Gabrielle and Brent struggle with the deepening of their relationship and people that want to tear them apart. The dialogue is witty and humorous and had me often laughing out load.

Both main characters are likeable, charismatic and warm-hearted. Gabrielle’s antics are the epitome of a women torn between what her heart really desires and what she believes is right thing that should be done. She is a bit naive but what girl in that time wouldn’t be? The secondary characters in the book are as wonderfully written and add just the right balance to the plot.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book. I loved the plot, the characters and I really like the cover for the book. A sparkling addition to my historical romance bookshelf!