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Heart of the Highland Wolf

Heart of the Highland Wolf  - Terry Spear Rating: ★★★½

Heart of the Highland Wolf is a fun, light, summer read. Julia Wildthorn is a romance writing werewolf, who just happens to write about werewolves and is suffering from a severe case of writer’s block. She has come to Scotland with her friend Maria for a historical movie shoot at Argent Castle. Ian MacNeill is Laird of Argent Castle and also a werewolf. His pack is having financial problems due to some poor investments. He reluctantly agrees to let the movie crew shoot the movie at his castle, even though he really doesn’t want them anywhere near his castle or his pack. Add to that a secret box that Julia must find, a villain out to steal Julia and Argent Castle and a wonderful supporting cast and you have an entertaining read.

I liked Julia as a character. I . I thought the concept that she was a romance writer writing about werewolves’ romance was a hoot. I liked that she was loyal to her family and wanted to protect her friend Maria, but I wanted her to be portrayed a bit stronger and less fragile.

Ian was alright as a character; definitely an alpha male. I’m not exactly sure why I didn’t connect with him, but I did appreciate his tenderness and affection for Julia. I wished that Ian’s and Julia’s romance had taken a bit longer to develop. It happened way too fast for me. I can understand that they are Lupus Garou, and are drawn to their mate, but it just didn’t feel realistic to me.

My favorite aspects of the book were the historical movie being shot within the castle and the fighting scenes that were within the store line and the secondary characters. I loved each and every one of them down to Flynn, the rampant and woman loving ghost.

Overall though, a fun read. If you love kilted highlanders and werewolves this will be a must read for you.