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Changeless (The Parasol Protectorate)

Changeless - Gail Carriger 4.5 stars book for me. This one is one of my favorites. I guess its the geeky engineer in me. :-)

Who knew Victorian England could be such fun!! Changeless follows the continuing adventures of Alexia Tarabotti who we meet in Soulless. This novel takes place about three months after her wedding to Conall, the hunky werewolf, clan leader of the London werewolves. Aexia has settled nicely into her role as Lady Maccon and Queen Victoria’s muhjah, but of course, Alexia’s life can never be too quiet.

First her husband is called away to Scotland to deal with a problem with his old pack and second an unknown force is stripping the supernatural community of their powers and it appears that it is following Conall to Scotland. Alexia speeds off on a flying dirigible to warn her husband about the danger, but a cast of family and friends invite themselves to join her on her journey and help (or hinder) her with solving this mystery in Scotland.

The characters in Changeless all continue to be entertaining and serve a purpose in the book. Although I can’t say that I like all of them, they have a purpose, most offset Alexia’s character who would be cold and analytical without her cohorts comic relief and/or sheer stupidity. My favorite character I think is Lord Akeldama, who is just a hoot. The dialog continues to be witty and rich, especially between Alexia and Lord Akeldama.

The Victorian setting with supernatural beings that live out in the open is unique, but one of the best features is the use of the technical gadgets. Flying dirigibles (blimps), fax machines and a James Bond parasol – oh my!! Science is at its best in this Steampunk world.

Overall this was such a wonderful book, except for one thing – THE ENDING! Oh my god, can you say cliffhanger. If you are going to read this at least now the third book, Blameless, available and you can jump right into it.