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Bedeviled (Dark Breed #2)

Bedeviled (Dark Breed #2) - Sable Grace The first book in the series, Ascension, ended with Kyana saving her best friend Haven but losing her at the same time. Bedeviled kicks off with a bang, with Kyana hunting Haven down in order to save her. Haven is being controlled by Cronos, the father of all gods, who is using her to help him destroy the gods that imprisoned him and to take over the world.

But there is a kicker; Kyana only has seven days to save Haven. After that, Kyana becomes the Goddess of the Hunt (Artemis) and will lose her ability to track Haven down due to the Goddess mumbo jumbo powers that she will fully inherit at that time.

Bedeviled was thoroughly absorbing and I loved the world building of the book. Ms. Grace has created a unique blend of real and fantasy worlds that are a perfect mixture for any reader to understand. Although her terminology is different, we can all understand the mythological and paranormal concepts, and then how she intertwines these ideas is fresh, unique and appealing.

I also enjoyed Kyana’s transformation from half Vampyre and Lychen to the Goddess of the Hunt and how she faced her past and allowed her relationships to Haven and Ryker to emerge. Kyana’s outer shell begins to be stripped away and a thoughtful, caring, deeply loving and scared individual is revealed.

Although I liked Ryker’s character, I’m not totally sold on him and Kyana as a couple. He tends to be overshadowed by Kyana and she is not a very nice person to him at times and Ryker lets her. At other times, he is totally an alpha male and dominates and over rules her. I’m curious to see how their relationship develops in the next installment and will reserve any further judgment until then.

Overall, I really enjoyed “Bedeviled” and am giving it a 4 flower rating, along with a sensuality rating of 3 flames. If you haven’t tried this series and I would totally recommend it!