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Black Lament (A Black Wings Novel)

Black Lament - Christina Henry <3.5 Stars out of 5</b>

I can’t say that I loved Black Lament, but I can’t say that I disliked it either. It was kind of a “Eh” read for me. So much happened at the end of Black Howl that I wasn’t sure where Christina Henry would take this series. After reading Black Lament, I’m really hoping she has it figured it; because I certainly don’t. I’m not even sure I know what I would like to see for Maddy.

With everything that happened in Black Howl, Maddy is left emotionally wrung out and depressed. Since Black Lament takes up almost immediately after Black Howl, she hasn’t had the time to deal with the turmoil she went through. However, those evil forces never cease working and Maddy is thrust into another plot to kill her; the poor woman just can’t catch a break. Despite being pregnant she jumps right in with the same reckless impulse she has displayed in the other novels. What is a bit frightening in Black Lament is Maddy’s cold calculation and dismissal to brutalize and kill those that get in her way. As she heads down this path the reader can’t help wonder if that is Lucifer’s ultimate plan for her, is he shaping and molding her for his final plans.

I continue to love the supporting cast of characters; Beezle with his comic relief; Samuel the strong and silent reasonable one; Jude the werewolf who initially mistrusted her; J.B. who loves her but is not loved in return and Nathaniel her ex-fiancé who was an instrument of her father’s and sought to betray and kill Maddy in Black Howl. I wasn’t thrilled with Nathaniel’s addition to Team Maddy initially, but by the end of the book I enjoyed that element, since the dynamics between Maddy and Nathaniel almost reversed themselves with Maddy becoming more “angel” and Nathaniel becoming more “human.” It was an interesting twist on their character traits.

Overall, I continue to enjoy this series, maybe mainly because I just can’t “see” what is coming down the pipeline. There are so many new scenarios and plots that can be developed now, I am looking forward to picking up Black City, Book #5, in February 2013.