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A Trace of Moonlight (Abby Sinclair, Book 3)

A Trace of Moonlight - Allison Pang How the heck to write a review for A Trace of Moonlight (ATOM) without giving anything way? Because ATOM is chock full of revelations, surprises and spoilers. First of all if you have not read A Sliver of Shadows, don’t even “think” about reading ATOM. The Abby Sinclair series is best read in order to fully enjoy them since each book has built upon the other. Also, ATOM is supposedly the last in the Abby Sinclair trilogy. I didn't now this when I finished the book, because not everything gets wrapped up like a pretty present. There are definitely strings hanging, which may or may not be potential future story lines; maybe a spin off series??

Abby has been a wonderful, but flawed, heroine. The love triangle between her, Taliver and Ion has been a reoccurring thread throughout the series and although I thought Abby had finally grown a pair and made her decision in A Sliver of Shadows, we find out that isn’t “truly” the case. She continually vacillates between the two of them and then when she is found out, she shrugs it off and goes on her merry way. At times, I wanted to slap her for her indecisiveness and thoughtlessness. The only bright spot for me about Abby was her acceptance of being a Dreamer and her stepping up and facing her fears. She finally grew as a character for me.

Taliver and Leo were better characters for me, especially Taliver. We finally learn about his background and how it molded him into the man that he is and the story is both intriguing and

The main conflict between the factions in fairy is at least resolved. How it will play out in the future is left dangling and would be a great follow-up story. The wide array of secondary characters is perhaps the best feature of the trilogy. Each character has a role, clear identity and voice throughout the series. It was interesting to see how Ms. Pang wove the characters tighter. Each plays a role and is critical to the events outcome.

The ending left me a bit confused, since as I mentioned earlier, there were a couple of story threads that were left open with questions hanging. One plot line in specific left me wanting more. Overall, I would recommend this series to readers looking for an action packed urban fantasy series, with great dialog and supporting characters.