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Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires, Book 5)

Drink Deep - Chloe Neill After Hard Bitten’s cliffhanger I was reluctant to begin Drink Deep. I was curious which direction Ms. Neill would take with it, but at the same time apprehensive that what I had loved about the Chicagoland Vampires Series; the cast of characters and action packed storylines, would be ruined by that ending. But I was wrong and I am so happy that I was.

First of all, let me say that writing a review for Drink Deep is really hard. There are so many twists and turns that keep the reader engaged, that putting them in a review would spoil the reading experience, and I really hate that. I can say that I continue to enjoy Merit as the main character. She is one of my favorite female leads. Not to say she is without faults, but her loyalty and devotion to her friends is refreshing to see. Her character development as a vampire has been a roller coaster but in Drink Deep I feel that she enters her stride. In the previous books she has relied on her friends and her master to affect her decisions, whereas in Drink Deep, she begins to take the lead and is confident enough to stand up for her beliefs.

The cast of secondary characters continues to add to the story and the introduction of Jonah just enriched the cast. If Merit is my favorite female character, Jonah wouldd be my favorite male one. I love his personality and it is a perfect foil for Merit’s.

The pacing of Drink Deep was a bit slow in the beginning as Merit struggles to deal with the fallout from Hard Bitten. There isn’t much action in the first part of the book, but once the apocalyptic events begin the storyline flies. I think the problems I had in the book’s beginning were more related to Frank Cabot. I really didn’t like him and wanted anyone to kill him. But he does serve the purpose of moving the story in an interesting direction and sets up a potential future plot, perhaps in Biting Cold, the next in the series. Drink Deep does exhibit some of those book transitions that often happen when one plot is wrapped up and the next one needs to be introduced but overall it is a great read and handled with a deft hand.