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The Lure of Song and Magic

Loving Lydia - Amy De Trempe 3.5 stars

What Worked For Me:

- The Cover!! Absolutely fabulous! I was instantly attracted to this ethereal cover.
- I liked Oz’s character although he isn’t my normal male lead. I think it was his quiet confidence and the way he didn’t give up on finding his son even though everyone thought he was dead.
- The mysterious Librarian – I need to know who he/she is and how he/she gets their information and what his/her intent is! I loved the mystery behind this character.
- Oz’s hunky, computer geek brother Conan. I loved, loved him and want to know his story. Those strong silent types are always the best characters!
- Ms. Rice’s writing was just spot on and had me wanting to turn that page to discover what was next for Oz and Pippa.
- The ending. I’m not going to say much on this but to say that I could envision this scene in real life and it had me tearing up.

What Didn’t Work For Me:

- Pippa’s struggle accepting her voice and her need to be alone -pushing everyone away from her. It went on a bit long for me and I kept waiting for her to open up to Oz.
- Oz and Pippa’s HEA didn’t have enough development for me. I felt they went from sleeping together to HEA without that deep, soul-searching moment that you typically see in a romance. It was a nice romance, but not a passionate one. I wanted more heat to it.

I had not previously read anything by Patricia Rice, so I had no expectations on what to expect. I learned after I finished The Lure of Song and Magic that it is a contemporary and present day continuation of the author's historical Malcolm and Ives characters. Needless to say, these books are next on my wish list and I really want to check these historicals out.

Syrene “Pippa” was once a famous child singer. She was wildly popular and had the capability to mesmerize with the her voice. She mysteriously disappeared when her young husband tragically dies in an auto accident and no one in the world knows where she is or what has become of her – or does someone?

A mysterious figure named the Librarian has been sending Dylan “Oz” Oswin text messages regarding the disappearance of his young son. The Librarian says that Syrene is the key to discovering where is son is and he must locate her to save him. Suddenly thrown together, these two strong, independent characters must learn to trust each other and open themselves up to discover what really is important to each of them.

I give “The Lure of Song and Magic” 3 ½ flowers and a sensuality rating of a 2 ½.