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The Goblin King (Shadowlands, Book 1)

The Goblin King - Shona Husk My first thought about The Goblin King was “how is the author going to make a goblin the frickin hero of the story?” I mean, goblins are those nasty, ugly, mean entities we read about in many of those other paranormal stories, and frankly they are not anybody you would want to get down with (if you get my drift). ;-)

Well, Shona Husk was the author that could do it. She made me want a goblin. Well, even more than one goblin; she made me want Roan and then she made me want his brother Dai. I am totally sold on the idea that a goblin can be a hero. Thank you Ms. Husk for giving us a new hero!!

Roan was a human cursed by an evil druid and his fate is to be The Goblin King for eternity. Roan is a lot more however; he is compassionate, loyal, caring and probably one of the most tortured characters I have read about recently. I enjoyed his character a lot, even when he was in his goblin form. Ms. Husk does an excellent job of describing the horridness of his physical appearance, but I still kept getting drawn back to him for the strength and goodness of his character.

Eliza Coulter is a women living a nightmare life, one she frankly created. One evening she calls out to The Goblin King to take her out of her life. This begins a very unlikely fairytale between Eliza and Roan and how they deal with understanding each other, recognizing the differences and compromising on a life together. I do have to say that I was conflicted about Eliza’s character. I understand how she got herself into the position she was in, and I sympathize that she was in it, but I wanted to kick her in the butt to take control of her life and not rely on others to do so, when she was acting that way. At other times, she stands up for what she wants and for Roan and then I wanted her to continue to do so.

The secondary characters in this book are well written and you will either like them immensely or hate them with all your being. Exactly what the secondary characters should be! I could not stand Eliza’s fiancé, Steve, who is an utter and complete jerk. Dai, Roan’s brother, was my favorite secondary character and I hope we get to see him in his own future book. I so like a nerd that loves a good book!

Overall, The Goblin King is a fun, entertaining and sensual read. It’s not too dark on the paranormal scale, and does have some steamy love scenes between Eliza and Roan. A good solid start to a new series. The prequel for the series, The Summons, is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and was free at the time of this review.