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Captured by Desire

Captured by Desire - Kira Morgan 4 out 5 Stars

Seduced by Destiny is a fast paced story full of witty dialog, passion and intrigue. The book starts out at the Battle of Ancrum Moor, in which the destinies of both the hero and heroine are forged.

Andrew (Drew) is English and was raised by his bitter uncles. They blamed the Scots for the death of Drew’s father and tried to shape Drew into a warrior to kill the English. But Drew was more like his father than his warmonger uncles and prefers to golf then to fight.

Josselin is Scottish and was raised by her three adoptive fathers. Her “fathers” found her mother on the battlefield of Ancrum where she was seeking vengeance against the English who killed her husband. The “fathers” find her alone in the house when they take her mother back to her village for burial. Josselin is alone, with no relatives, so they take her to raise.

The characters background are the exact opposite of each other and set up a wonderful storyline that allows the characters to contrast against each other. Josselin is wildly independent, quick to temper and has the fierce determination of a warrior. Drew, on the other hand is often quiet and thoughtful, but protective and loyal. They are instantly attracted to each other and their interactions are just a delight to read.

Seduced by Destiny is a story about destiny. We know that Josselin and Drew are destined to be with each other, but how will they be able to overcome their pasts? Can they survive the secrets each has and create a future together? You will need to read Seduced by Destiny to find out! I would recommend this book to all readers of Scottish romances that love intrigue and passion, as well as clever and witty dialog between the main characters. Altogether, a great read by a wonderful new author.