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Gambit - Kim Knox More like a 3.5 star review for me.

Being the self confessed nerd that I am, I was attracted to this book due to the science fiction and fantasy element, as well as the intriguing cover. First of all let me say that if you are not a science fiction fan, you will probably not like this book. Mostly, since the reader is thrust into this a futuristic, alien world, with little time for world building or background preparation. At times it was a bit overwhelming. However, if you manage to hold on tight and make it through the rough patches, there is a wonderful romance story between Chae and Daned.

Captain Chae Beyon is a street smart pilot who is just trying to get ahead in a pretty gloomy world. She is blackmailed into flying Daned Traern to Ladaia where the ruling leaders are gathering to select ruler. As a representative of the Ladaian race, Daned is honor bound to arrive on the planet to secure his race’s claim to rule. Daned poses as Chae’s sex toy, so he can get on her ship, without drawing the attention of the Ladaian enemies, so they can get to Ladaia ”safely.”

Their journey is filled with multiple obstacles, that bind the characters, leads to hot steamy sex and ultimately draws them together. Once Chae and Daned reach Ladaia they have one final battle to face. In order to win the battle they have to finally admit their love and unite to secure the throne, but nothing turns out as was originally expected.

Overall, Gambit is a good book. I would be interested in seeing what the author could do if this novella was expanded to a regular size book. Like I mentioned earlier it was one action packed ride. Chae is a strong, self-sufficient character that I enjoyed. Daned was less than satisfying, since I prefer my hero to be a bit more alpha male. But all together Chae and Daned’s chemistry and story works.